Name: LW-Figure 8
   Model: LW-Figure 8

The characteristics of product structure:

GYTC8S cable structure is the monomode or multimode optical fiber sleeve made of high modulus polyester materials made of loose tube, casing filled with waterproof compound.The center core is a metal core,Loose tube (and fillers ) stranded around the strength member into a compact circular cable core, in the cable core is filled with water blocking filler, coated steel ( PSP ) packaged, and the steel strand is integrated into a 8 shape of polyethylene sheathed for the cable. The cable application of self supporting aerial laying.

Product features:

Precise control of The remaining length of the optical fiber to ensure the cable has good tensile properties and temperature characteristics ;

Loose tube material has good hydrolysis resistance and high strength;

The tube is filled with ointment of special type, has good protections to the fiber;

Polyethylene ( PE ) sheathed with good resistance to UV radiation performance.

The following measures are taken to ensure the cable waterproof performance:

- single wire center core

- loose tube filling waterproofing compound

- cable core filling

- coated steel ( PSP ) crush resistance

Suitable installation methods: self supporting aerial.


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